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Inbound Roaming Service

Get more roamers into your network!

The service helps to attract more inbound roamers into the networks of visited operators as it gives travellers a real incentive to make roaming calls on it.

At a glance

  • Target audience: business travellers and holiday makers
  • Key selling point: end-users earn airline miles or hotel points by manually selecting and roaming on your network
  • No extra charges involved: members pay roaming tariffs as defaulted by their provider
  • With Travelling Connect App using the service becomes even easier

How it works
End-users need to register on Travelling Connect website once and when abroad roam on affiliated operators networks (Partner Networks).

Members enjoy awards for each minute of a call made and in some networks also for SMS and DATA. Earned airline miles or hotel points are automatically credited to the airline or hotel loyalty program accounts of the members.

Travelling Connect runs regular campaigns with existing members and arranges joint promotions with loyalty programs (airlines and hotels) to stimulate new registrations.

Contact us to learn more about the Inbound Roaming Service.