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Local Offers

Offer more than 25,000 local offers to your Roaming Customers!

With this service of Travelling Connect you can offer something extra to your Roaming Customers and at the same time something they would value receiving from you.

With Travelling Connect B2B platform titled Local Offers, mobile operators and MVNOs can offer a variety of additional services to their roaming subscribers who are travelling abroad. Customers can book all kinds of tours, entertainment and other local activities on the spot, for example a bicycle tour in New York City or surfing lessons in South Africa. We have more than 25,000 local offers such as Active & Adventure, Lifestyle & Luxury, Must Do & Offers, Family & Kids, Sports, Entertainment, Food and restaurants, Relaxation & Romance and many more.

Market Situation

The roaming industry is constantly changing and in order to keep your customers, you need to offer them extra value added service. Providing local offers to roaming customers helps build the customer relationship, giving customers another reason to depend on a particular telecom provider, while at the same time generating additional revenues through commissions earned by mobile operators when customers purchase these local offers during their visit abroad.

How it works?

The Local-offer platforms can be tailored to the look and feel of a mobile operator and can be offered to outbound and/or inbound customers via SMS or a mobile application.

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