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Outbound Loyalty Service

Make roaming rewarding!

Build direct positive relationship, reduce churn, increase ARPU and simply make your customers happy.

Travellers value airline miles and hotel points above other rewards (such as free airtime). Earned miles or points can be further redeemed into free airline tickets, hotel stays and other goods or services from their airline or hotel Loyalty program.

At a glance

  • Target audience: mobile operator / MVNO roaming (best) customers
  • Key selling point: exclusive loyalty program whereby customers earn airline miles or hotel points when using your (roaming) services
  • Ease of use: the only requirement is registration
  • No extra charges involved: members pay tariffs as defaulted

How it works
The service is a complete outsourced solution whereby Travelling Connect develops a front- and backend and ensures that awards (airline miles and hotel points) are credited to the loyalty program accounts of the customers. You will only need to define a value proposition and promote the service to your subscribers.

Contact us to learn more about the Outbound Loyalty Service.