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Roaming Miles

Reduce churn and stimulate your customers to purchase roaming bundles!

Give your customers an extra incentive to purchase your roaming passes, build direct positive relationships and simply make them happy!  Travellers value airline miles and hotel points above other rewards (such as free airtime).

Roaming Miles can be supported by Roaming&Travel App to create better awareness of the service.

At a glance

  • Target audience: roaming customers.
  • Key selling point: extra incentive for customers to buy your roaming package.
  • Ease of use: customers just need to register once; airline miles or hotel points are credited automatically to their airline or hotel loyalty program accounts.
  • Hardly any operational hassle for mobile operators or MVNOs.
  • Enhancement of your brand through cooperation with leading airlines and hotels.
  • Building up database of roaming customers.

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